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The new Samsung flagship smartphones are a unique and welcomed addition to the phone world. The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus are devices loaded with a host of intriguing features that live up to the mantra flagship. Today we look at the speakers of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Every phone owner treasures their earphones as they are an alternative way to listen to music and answer calls. Every now and then, quality phone speakers save the day. Instances when you need to play a video for your friends or use the loudspeaker for calls are such scenarios that need speakers that produce a clear and rich audio.

Samsung Galaxy S9 speaker.

Samsung gave us a gift with the Galaxy S9 phone, as it comes with two speakers rather than the usual one. Samsung took this bold step after people criticized them for the poor speaker and audio quality of the Samsung S8 phone. The Galaxy S9 has a stereo speaker at the top and the common down-facing mono speaker at the bottom. The top speaker produces a stereo sound that has much better performance in terms of bass and audio distortion at high volumes. The speaker also comes equipped with Dolby Atmos surround sound tech.

Company representatives explained that while the phone doesn’t look that different from its predecessor, they had to rearrange its internal components to accommodate the extra speaker. It is enclosed in speaker grille on the top of the phone’s face so as to enhance sound clarity and quality.

This proved to be the case when the sound output of the phone was compared to the iPhone X. the iPhone produces thinner sound when compared to the Galaxy S9. This was rather surprising as Apple also equipped the iPhone X with almost the same dual-speakers.

One of the shortcomings of the S9 is that you can’t get full 360 degree sound as the phone manufacturer claims. It makes up for this fact by enhancing the Dolby software to work with the dual speakers to expand the sound range which makes all the difference.

To enjoy listening to podcasts and music on the Galaxy S9, you could try:

– Enabling the Dolby Atmos feature – the Dolby Atmos feature gives you access to a richer sound experience. When you get the phone, this feature is not enabled. Head over to settings and you will find it under advanced settings for audio. If you use your phone for watching movies and videos you will not be disappointed.

– Dual music streams – this feature allows you to stream music from two music apps. You will get sound output from the phone’s default speaker and a connected Bluetooth device/speaker. To activate this feature just look for the Separate App Sounds setting and turn it on.

– Samsung sound assistant – although Samsung introduced this feature with the Galaxy S8, it is extremely helpful for audio lovers. The sound assistant lets you personalize the sound settings of the phone to fit a particular time or place.

From all this, we can tell that Samsung made this phone with sound lovers like you and me in mind. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is definitely the phone to use when it comes to music, calls and podcasts.

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