TNW Australia Pty Ltd—Octalight Rainbow Light Wand

Product description

A battery-operated wand that flashes in numerous colored patterns. The wand is 20 cm lengthy and was packaged on a blister card measuring 25 cm x eight cm.

Identifying options

Stock No: DI012 Barcode : 9319374003380

What are the defects?

The two outer shells of the tube haven’t been fusion welded and, when dropped, the tube falls aside exposing the small batteries inside.

What are the hazards?

The small batteries are simply launched from the tube presenting an ingestion hazard to babies and posing a threat of inner burn accidents, which may end up in critical sickness and even dying. In addition, the batteries could pose a choking hazard.

What ought to customers do?

Return the product to the place of buy or contact TNW Australia Pty Ltd for a full refund.

Contact particulars ph: 02 9959 1300 or electronic mail :

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Newbie Bug submitted on April 3, 2019 in Product Recalls.
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