Ozito Industries Pty Ltd — Ozito Portable Electric Blower

Product description

Handheld 220-240VAC, 1800W electrical blower for house use

Model Number: OZBL 1800WA

What are the defects?

The impeller can break abruptly throughout operation, damaging the outer enclosure of the blower and inflicting plastic elements to be ejected. This can also give entry to dwell electrical elements.

What are the hazards?

Risk of electrical shock and harm from sharp objects ejected from the blower.

What ought to customers do?

Consumers ought to cease utilizing the blower instantly and unplug it from the socket outlet.

Contact Ozito on 1800 061 089 for Australia or 0800 187 197 for New Zealand to acquire a reference quantity for a alternative blower or full refund.

For additional data, e-mail Ozito at recall@ozito.com.au

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