Free Fixes For Broken Ford Focus RSs

Ford has provided to repair Focus RSs which have suffered engine issues totally free. As we reported final month, a lot of early third-generation Ford Focus RSs have been affected by an engine problem which means they eat coolant fluid throughout chilly working, resulting in white smoke coming from the exhaust due to an issue with the seals throughout the engine.


“Owners of 2016-17 Focus RS autos are being provided a free inspection and restore, no matter guarantee or mileage standing, for issues of white exhaust smoke and/or coolant consumption stemming from a difficulty with cylinder head gaskets,” Ford stated in a press release.

“Ford sellers will take a look at the cooling system, change the cylinder head gasket and will change the cylinder head, as required, for free of charge to the shopper.”

While the recall has been issued, Ford hasn’t set an official deadline for homeowners to show of their vehicles for repairs. They had already changed a lot of engines hit by the issue earlier than the recall was issued – an issue that they nonetheless have not given an official trigger for.

Despite the entry-level mannequin Mustang additionally being powered by an analogous 2.3-liter engine, it’s not considered topic to the identical issues. Thanks to its larger energy output, the Focus RS engine is constructed in another way – its block and head is constructed utilizing an upgraded alloy with a cast-iron lining and has a special head gasket design.

The Focus RS is a severe piece of equipment. Four-wheel drive, 345 hp, 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) in 4.7 seconds, and a prime pace of 165 mph (265 kph) make it not simply one of many quickest hatchbacks, however one of many quickest on a regular basis vehicles on sale at present.

Source: Ford

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